Work progress

The partners successfully completed a range of key tasks in the 3 year lifetime of the project (2004 to 2006), both in advancing the theory and developing implementations. Many of these tasks involved close collaboration between the sites, and between the academic and industrial partners, and a variety of new techniques and ideas have emerged as a result.

Major events and milestones over the duration of the project were:

 combining multimodal and multilingual grammars in GF (year 1)

 integrating ontologies with ISU dialogue systems (year 1)

 developing extended information states for ISU systems (year 1)

 integrating statistical learning with ISU dialogue management (year 1)

 combining multimodal multilingual grammars with ISU dialogue management (year 2)

 generating effective Statistical Language Models from GF grammars (year 2)building a baseline Reinforcement Learning prototype ISU dialogue system (year 2)

 developing reconfigurable dialogue systems using ontologies (year 2)

 prototype in-car showcase system installed in BMW test car and evaluated with users in real driving conditions (year 3)

 using the extended information states in ISU systems for adaptive presentation planning and generation (year 3)

 development of first POMDP dialogue manager (year 3)

 testing learned strategies with real users (year 3)

 developing the first Voice Programmable dialogue systems (year 3)

 release of TALK annotated data archive (year 3)

 TALK test car exhibited at the EC IST 2006 Conference in Helsinki (year 3)

There were 26 deliverables completed by the project which describe these results. Click here to access the current list of TALK's public deliverables.