TV Presentations 

 10th Nov 2005, St. John's Innovation Centre Press Day. David Milward demonstrated dialogue for home control using Linguamatics Interaction Manager. BBC TV Look East

 2nd February 2005, "Det intelligenta hemmet" (The intelligent home). Sveriges Television, Kunskapskanalen (Swedish National Television, The Knowledge Channel): 4.5 minute presentation in the TV program "Vetenskapslandet". Contents: Peter Ljunglöf's PhD Thesis, together with a demo of the GOT Tram Information system.

 17th March 2004, Saarländischer Rundfunk Television’s “Wissenschaftsforum” Prof. Pinkal discussed several active projects, including TALK.

 Seville entry to the business projects TV contest “Generación XXI”. It included an in-home system demonstration. Recorded in Sept-Dec 2003 and aired in 2003 and 2004. The project won the contest.