In summary the main objectives of the  TALK project are to:

 develop dialogue systems using strategies learned from human multimodal interactions and modelled within the ISU approach. This  will make dialogue systems a more efficient tool for communicating  with information technology devices and services;

 separate application-specific information from dialogue systems development, resulting in reconfigurable systems and re-usable developer tools;

 separate modality- and language-specific information from the dialogue system core, allowing cost-effective and easy portability of a single system to multiple languages and modalities.

The primary users of our results are industrial research and development departments, which will integrate the new technologies into prototype development and possibly further into commercial products.

In TALK, we have as partners industrial firms for the in-car applications (Bosch, BMW) and for in-home systems (Linguamatics). These partners are actively involved in the project, both in steering research according to their needs and in utilizing our results in their own research and development.